Monday, April 13, 2015

How I make my Elvis in Charcoal drawings, part 1

In this post I like to tell a little bit about how the Elvis in Charcoal drawings are made.
First of all I'm going to look for a suitable photo. I like to pick photo's that are not too well known.
I do use Photoshop but only to adjust the levels so I can see some more in the darker or lighter parts of the photo and to zoom in on the small details. I never print them out, that's only a waste of paper and toner :-)
The materials I use are:
Colored paper, Canson or Lana Colours
Charcoal pencils in Black and White
White Pastel pencil
Black Koh-I-Noor "Gioconda" pencils
Brushes in different sizes
Different types of erasures

The first step is to draw al the features on the right pace and in the right size with a normal pencil, I'll continue with this step until the face looks like the face of Elvis.
Then I'm blocking in the highlights with the White Charcoal pencil.

Blocking in of the highlights

Next I start with putting the shadows and other dark tones.

Defining Shadows and other darks

I continue working on the darker tones and add some details. It now starts to look like Elvis :-)
The hair has to wait, I draw that when I'm finished with the face.

Continue working Shadows and other darks

Tomorrow part two, redefining the highlights, shadows and midtones and adding more detail.

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